High quality spare parts compatible with street sweepers and RCV solid waste collection trucks

Have your street cleaning equipment always ready with our large stock of compatible replacement parts for road sweepers and RCV garbage trucks for local solid waste collection.

Our company offers high quality replacement parts for virtually all the rollers and street sweepers used for cleaning  urban environments in Europe.

Simply choose your vehicle type from the menu on your left and follow the instructions to locate the spare parts you require from the options that we offer.

The material will arrive at your company through UPS Express Shipping Service.

In our website you will find detailed information on the various parts that we offer compatible with brands like Geesink, Faun, Haller, Zoeller, Schörling, Terberg, Otto, HN Hufferman, Meiller, Schmidt, Johnston, Ravo, Brock, Kiggen and many more leaders in the urban cleaning area.

You will find it very easy to choose the right material thanks to the item picture and description that appear in each section. That way you can identify the parts in the most simple, convenient and safe way.

We only work with high quality parts in all the areas that your machine uses, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics for your street sweeper or RCV compactor to perform at its best.

No matter where you are. We serve in record time, so that your machines are always ready to work.