Road sweepers

We are specialized in the world of machines sweeping of streets.


If you need to renew a sweep of its fleet or expand its street cleaning service incorporating a machine new Sweeper consults.


Impartially, we will analyze your needs and advise you which is the brand and model of most suitable sweep for his job.

When we arrive at the correct conclusion will try to introduce you a good deal so that sweeper fits in your budget and if we can not sell it will go you to the company that could best do so.

If the needs of the service are not sufficient to justify the enormous investment involved in a new urban Sweeper, the second hand is a good choice.

We have a selection of urban sweepers from renting contracts or companies needing to upgrade its fleet of redemption.

As we know very well the high cost of maintenance and spare parts for these sweepers only sell machines first, existing models that have a good coverage of technical and spare parts and in an operational state proper, so that they do not cause problems to the customer or to us.

So let's talk about what you need, call us at 968 676912 or send an email to